October blog income and stats recap

October blog income and stats recap

Welcome to the fourth blog income and stats recap of MMYW! While I hadn’t disclosed income from Reach Financial Independence so far, I will also add it here since the whole blogging thing is considered one endeavor. For example, my VA has been working on both sites for the past months. MMYW is now four months old, how time flies!

Check previous income and stats recaps:

July income  $4,042

August income $2,530

September income $3,307





Virtual assistant and staff writing: $457. The VA works 20 hours per week. I wouldn’t have hired her just to take care of RFI but that is a welcome help with the extra work on MMYW, which is why all her salary goes to MMYW.

I bought quite a few posts too for November and December.

Total $457






Total $25. For a gift card for Jason Hull’s Winning with money course giveaway. In honor of Veteran Day, Jason is giving his Winning with Money course for free to all veterans and people in active duty or reservists today. Click here if you want to know more.










$3,405. This is a mix of Adsense, affiliate sales, and direct advertising, plus a little income I got from my ad referral network’s commissions. Contact me if you are interested in joining the ad network! A couple of deals will deploy in November but they were agreed in October so they are featured here.

Once again I was traveling during the whole month of October so it is not too bad for being on holiday!



$165. Still waiting for that PR update, that apparently won’t happen this year, and maybe never. It is hard to change the ad reps’ mindset and have them consider the other metrics for advertising. I guess I won’t be making my goal of $3,000 by the end of December!


TOTAL $3,570



After Costs Total


$3,088. I was happy to still come over $3,000 considering the big expenses on MMYW. My goal was to cover all our European holiday expenses with online income and I will have to break it down but I think it is a PASS!


10% of blogging income will go to sponsor young girls’ education in my village, my education fund now has $404 from July and $253 from August, $297 from September, $357 from October. Total: $1,311. One of my awesome readers also pledged to match my donations up to $2,000 so we have over $2,600 now!!

The school year ends on November 30th so that is when the best two students will be announced, then I’ll check with them what they want to study. If I have money left over I will help middle school students buy uniforms and school supplies for next year.


Blog stats for RFI


Still a slight decrease in pageviews but that is what I should expect when spending the past two months on holidays in Europe and not working on my blog. Overall still a good month.


Sept 30th Oct 31st
PageRank 3 3
MozRank 5.4 5.34
Domain Authority 46 47
Alexa Rank 26,794 27,702
Twitter Followers 3,715 3,869
RSS subscribers 791 857
FB fans 1,470 1,465
Pageviews 51903 47,439
Unique 24832 21,062
SEO traffic % 31% 48.5%


Blog stats for MMYW

Because MMYW started one year after RFI, I will compare the stats I can find. Back in July 2012, I was blogging in a cave, waiting for the world to come and find me. I had a Twitter account I rarely used, read a ton of PF sites but seldom said hi or left a comment, and didn’t network a bit. It lasted until mid September 2012. So far, MMYW is doing much better than RFI. Although RFI got a PR3 in November and we won’t get any for MMYW soon.

Although I have had a problem this month, instead of the usual 2,500-3,000 impressions a day I was getting in Google, I only got 150 or less for two weeks. I don’t know what happened there, but my pageviews collapsed as a result.


Sept 30th Oct 31st RFI Oct 31st 2012
PageRank 0 0 0
MozRank 5.04 4.92 ?
Domain Authority 35 39 ?
Alexa Rank 49968 49,203 1M
Twitter Followers 1485 1,557 250
RSS subscribers 171 225 50
FB fans 52 76 15
Pageviews 9625 8,472 4,350
Unique 5142 4,856 1,375
SEO traffic % 31.5% 45.15% 12.3%


Sorry about the lack of information on RFI, some info is not available in retrospect. But so far, MMYW is doing way better.


How did your blog grow in the past month? Happy with the results?


This post was featured on the Carnival of Financial Planning, Your PF Pro, Aspiring Blogger, thank you!

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  1. My blog is growing well. I have read many post from you and learnt your tips on how to build a good blog. More audiences are coming to my site and they even leave comments for my posts. I believe that my blog will attract more people. I always follow your post, Pauline.
    vkool recently posted…Get started to improve your problem solving skills to the next level with top 11 tips below now!My Profile

  2. These are some really great numbers! I find is so great that in this niche 20,000 uniques can bag you $3,000 per month. Before selling my flagship website in a lower paying niche, I had over 1 million visitors with 5 million page views and only made about $12,000 (I was still extremely happy with that, though).

    And I totally understand you with the Page Rank update… I am not sure when or if it’s comming, but for blogs launched after the previous update, it’s a real pain :)
    C. the Romanian recently posted…October 2013 Income Report and Spending ReportMy Profile

  3. My pageviews more closely match your RFI stats, but I’m still encouraged. Thanks again for posting these, it really helps us beginners to see what it takes to start a successful blog!
    FI Pilgrim recently posted…Seriously. I Really Did Save 15 Percent Or More On Car InsuranceMy Profile

  4. Given that you’ve been on holiday for the past month, this are certainly great results…makes the dream of “passive” income and a nomadic lifestyle all the more accessible and fun :)
    Google pagerank updates…long overdue if they are still planning on doing it, or they can just come clear and say they are discontinuing it and everyone can sigh and move on…would really help with most advertsisers who still consider pagerank!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted…TradeKing Review – Exclusive Review of TradeKing BrokerageMy Profile

  5. Great stats for both sites! I’ve struggled when it comes to increasing my RSS subscribers, so if you have any tips for that I’d appreciate it. It’s too bad about the lack of a PageRank update, but at least you had one site up and running with a PR. I know some people who started their first site too late and haven’t had a chance to get any sort of PR update so they have zero sites that are above zero for PR.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…5 Frugal Ways to Celebrate the HolidaysMy Profile

  6. Hey Pauline,

    Great results! I would love to be able to make that kind of money from a blog :)

    Curious, where did you find your VA?


    Nick Loper recently posted…The Outsourced Writing ExperimentMy Profile

  7. Wow, great job! I really need a VA too. I never thought blogging would be so much work. :)
    Joe recently posted…Are You Getting Richer Every Year?My Profile

  8. Great work Pauline, especially for being on vacation for most of the month! In regards to the PR update, who knows if we ever will get another one. :) I had a pretty good month overall as income was the best I’ve ever had and working on implementing some of my takeaways from FinCon.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted…What is it That You Prize Most?My Profile

  9. Well, you have some really great numbers here ;)
    My blog is slowly picking up speed, it was ‘dead’ 2 months ago, but it’s slowly growing and getting more traffic. I am constantly working on it and the content, hope to develop it constantly in the next months.
    dojo recently posted…Your credit card is NOT your emergency fundMy Profile

  10. I’m so frustrated with PR. In the last 3 or 4 months my traffic has soared, my DA is in the 30s and my Alexa is under 100k, but I’m still stuck with this PR1!
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…4 Ways To Destroy A Friendship With MoneyMy Profile

  11. Nice month, and even more impressive when you consider that you were on holiday! Congrats, well done.
    Squirrelers recently posted…3 Important Financial Numbers for Building WealthMy Profile

  12. Nice work Pauline. I can also attest that it is difficult to change the PR mindset. Most people are so stuck on it, but that is a dead metric now. It is time to move on to something else, but that change will not happen quickly.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted…The Gift Of Debt – Enjoying My HobbyMy Profile

  13. Pauline – thanks for sharing my Veterans Day offer today. I appreciate you helping spread the word!
    Jason Hull recently posted…Giving Back in Honor of Veterans DayMy Profile

  14. Congrats, that is a solid month! It seems like more and more people are using VA’s and having a lot of success with them, allowing them to free themselves up to do the less tedious tasks. It seems like that’s a strategy I will have to look more into! Thanks for sharing and congrats again on an excellent month!
    JR @ Increase Credit Limit recently posted…How to repair your creditMy Profile

  15. Great month indeed, especially considering the vacation and travelling! As others have said, it seems more and more people are using VAs and growing by adding staff writers. It is great to see people developing sustainable streams of income through their online endeavors, and I hope that you have continued success in yours!
    writing2reality recently posted…2013 Prosper Investment CriteriaMy Profile

  16. That is a bummer about PR, although I guess I should be glad with what I have. You have done amazing things with RFI, and I expect when another metric is acceptable, MMYW will be right there with it.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted…Pros And Cons of Obamacare-Part IIMy Profile

  17. $3k while traveling is pretty awesome! My growth has slowed a little bit the past couple of months. Still trending in the right direction, but definitely not as rapid as it had been. Time to get back to work!
    Matt Becker recently posted…How to Start Investing From Scratch – Part 2My Profile

  18. Thanks for the post! I am a new blogger so it’s good to see how far you can come in a little over a year!
    Dee @ Color Me Frugal recently posted…Learning from Money Mistakes #1: Living too high on student loansMy Profile

  19. BATB is still growing, but I’m in awe of your pageviews. How do you get so many?
    Budget and the Beach recently posted…I Was a Teenage ShoplifterMy Profile

    • My VA does a lot of social media tagging, twitter, FB, pinterest etc etc that brings quite a bit of traffic when a post is retweeted by other people (or whatever the equivalent is on other platform, I don’t do more than Twitter and FB!)

  20. Thanks for providing such insightful information on your blog. I’m knew to blogging so I’m still learning about these stats. Where can I find the stats on page rank, moz rank and domain authority for my site?
    Practical Cents recently posted…Home Heating: Costs,Thermostat Settings and Ways to SaveMy Profile

  21. Looks like another great month, Pauline. Congratulations! It’s especially impressive given the fact that you’ve been traveling and less focused on the blog. I guess that’s proof when we build them, it makes it much easier to step away and still keep them going.
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…What You Need to Know about Life Insurance {Infographic}My Profile

    • I would say an impersonal, automated niche site is easier to let down for a few weeks but no one is irreplaceable so after you have a bit of SEo traffic the number of direct traffic that stops visiting doesn’t make a big change in your pageviews.

  22. That’s so great that you are donating a portion of your income to a noble cause! Nice work on getting your revenue so high.

    I’m still struggling a bit myself to get advertisers to change their mindset on Pagerank even though it seems like it is on its way out for good. Unfortunately I think it will take a formal announcement from Google before the general SEO public will make this move. I’m still optimistic that our side projects could be very suitable revenue taps!!
    MMD recently posted…Could Early Retirement Planning Be Ruining Me?My Profile

  23. Pauline, congrats on those results! I’m still not at a place where I’m tracking my progress due to time constraint but someday soon.
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted…A financial confessionMy Profile

  24. Big bucks Pauline! Congrats.

    Can you share with us your net worth too?

    Financial Samurai recently posted…A Cure For Financial Hoarding And Over SavingMy Profile

    • you go first :). Not comfy with the NW as it is not something people talk about in Guatemala, there is a G maps pinpoint of where I live on my blog so I wouldn’t want someone to get the wrong idea… even though most of it isn’t in Guatemala.

  25. How inspirational! You are doing fantastic.

    fitnpoor.com is just starting up and I’m already seeing large growth in numbers. I’m feeling good about it!
    Michelle @ fitnpoor.com recently posted…Average Income By MBTI Personality TypeMy Profile

  26. I am amazed that you can accomplish so much while on vacation. I am working hard at my blog and I have yet to see any progress. Perhaps I need a lengthy vacation to refresh my mind and get things moving? It has been so many years since I had a little get away that I am not sure what I would do if I didn’t have to go to work.
    Jane Savers @ Solving The Money Puzzle recently posted…11 Ideas That You Can Use To Make Your FortuneMy Profile

  27. Pauline,

    Very impressive ! I have been passionate about achieving FI since finishing college. I appreciate your site.
    trace@independenceinvestor.com recently posted…An Easy Way to Increase SavingsMy Profile

  28. That is awesome Pauline! Great job! That is also awesome that you’re donating some of your income to girls education =)
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…Cash Money: $6,480 in October Income and Blog UpdatesMy Profile

  29. Wow, those are fantastic returns! I am jealous. I might have to talk to you about your ad network one day.
    Anne @ Unique Gifter recently posted…500+ Stocking Stuffers for Adults, Teens and SeniorsMy Profile

  30. I thought last month I would have some more time to spend on my blog being that I took 2 days off to watch my infant son after my wife returned to work. Well I’m a first time parent because I didn’t know all the attention a little baby requires so I haven’t been consistently posting and working on the blog. Hoping to be more consistent. I’d really like to improve my readership and possibly monetize at some point.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…Tax Shelters for You and MeMy Profile

  31. Good to see you are keeping such a close track of things Pauline. Running a site is so much harder than most people seem to think, and the record keeping is one of the time consuming things no one thinks about

  32. Pauline,
    Great stats as RFI is one of my earliest and favorite websites that I started reading. Are you on track to live on 100% of your blog income?
    charles@gettingarichlife recently posted…How Someone Can Earn $60,000+ Pre Tax On Welfare In HawaiiMy Profile

    • In Guatemala, we spend about $1,000 each a month, so that is more than covered. I am paying for the full trip to Europe as BF paid for last year’s trip, and I think that was covered by the surplus from July and August since I started that goal, however September and October did not fully cover the trip.

  33. Wow, Pauline, good job. This is really inspirational. I love that part of your profits goes toward helping others, as well. That’s a cause that is really important to me, too. I try to contribute every month to a foundation that helps put girls in less fortunate situations through school
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted…Do You Equate Money with Affection?My Profile

  34. This is awesome, congratulations, Pauline! I think it’s especially great that you are donating some of the funds to girls’ education. It’s always important to give back! Thank you for encouraging others to take part in philanthropy.
    Terry @EasyFinancialTips recently posted…How to create a successful Youtube showMy Profile

  35. This is great progress! I love watching how others grow new blogs–definitely inspiration for me to finally unlock some of the other projects I’ve been dabbling with on the side :)
    Jen @ The Happy Homeowner recently posted…What to Do with $100K?My Profile

  36. You are doing very well considering the fact that you were on vacation. Keep up the good work and kudos for sponsoring the child.
    Demaish @ Borrowed Cents recently posted…The good and the bad of QVC, HSN and shop NBCMy Profile

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