December blog income and stats recap


December Blog Income

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Welcome to the sixth blog income and stats recap of MMYW! While I hadn’t disclosed income from Reach Financial Independence so far, I am adding it here since the whole blogging thing is considered one endeavor. For example, my VA has been working on both sites for the past few months. MMYW is now six months old and I have bought my third blog five weeks ago.


Check previous income and stats recaps:

July income  $4,042

August income $2,530

September income $3,307

October income $3,570

November income $2,697 + 10% of Super Secret Website’s purchase price






Virtual assistant and staff writing: $250. I bought a final bunch of posts that are scheduled until May so I can take a break from expenses now.

Also sent the VA $50 for Christmas, which were mostly for her work on MMYW for the past 6 months.



Total $0. Love those months…





Server migration $5. That was a Fiverr gig.

VA and staff writing $287. I moved the VA costs over there as most of the 20 hours per week were spent optimizing the new website.


EXPENSES TOTAL $542. Much cheaper than last month’s $673 but still expensive.











$2,265. This is a mix of Adsense, affiliate sales, and direct advertising, plus a little income I got from my ad referral network’s commissions. Contact me if you are interested in joining the ad network!

After a low November, December was pretty good. Adsense is up, affiliate sales are up, hope it stays this way in 2014.




$2,360. The PR update has finally happened early December and with that advertisers have a sudden interest in MMYW. I have to say they generally knock on RFI’s door and then I pitch them MMYW but many have accepted. I also put more affiliate banners and links here and there which have picked up nicely.

My 2013 goal was to make $3,000 with MMYW during its first 6 months. The 6 months mark was on January 1st, and that goal is a PASS at $3.080! However, I have spent a lot of money on the site, six months worth of VA, the staff posts and the hosting/odd Fiverr gig have eaten most of the profits. I will do a full breakdown soon.




Super secret website

If you read my post last month, you know I bought another PF website! I won’t disclose the URL or the sales price just yet, I started managing it on the 1st of December, but moved it a bit with my contacts during the last week of November, in hopes to start making back the sales price as soon as possible. My goal, as I explained in the post about closing the deal, is to make my money back in 6 months. The online world is a risky business and you never know when the rules will change. Anyway, since I bought it, I made just over 55% of the purchase price. 10% from November and 45% in December.

I gave it a theme makeover, and put a few affiliate links and banners, both Adsense and sales have been satisfying so far. I was lucky to be able to renew some existing deals that had expired, and brought a big of cash too.

I also had to buy some posts, and my VA is working on it a lot, so I her salary will be allocated mostly to the super secret website.



TOTAL $4,625 + 45% of super secret website’s purchase price. It was a great month.






After Costs Total


$4,083. Looking forward to a great 2014! My goal is to make $50,000 this year between the three sites.


10% blog income for charity pledge


10% of blogging income will go to sponsor young girls’ education in my village, my education fund now has $404 from July and $253 from August, $297 from September, $357 from October, $269 from November $462  from December. Total: $2,042. One of my awesome readers also pledged to match my donations up to $2,000,  and the lovely Kim from Eyes on the Dollar gave me an additional $500, so we have over $4,500 now!!


The school year ended on November 30th and I offered a full ride to the best two students to go to boarding school. So I am committed to those two kids for the next three years! That will set me back more than the $4,000 I collected but the school bills monthly and it should be just fine to reach the $5,000 a year my project needs.

I just paid the first $350 to enroll them and in a few days we’ll drive to the school to install them and buy uniforms and supplies. That is really exciting!


Left in the fund: $4,542 - $350 = $4,192.


Blog stats for RFI


Pageviews are back up since I came back from Europe, which is good news but I am trying to improve search traffic so I don’t depend so much on being there or not.


Nov 30th Dec 31st
PageRank 3 4
MozRank 5.35 5.5
Domain Authority 47 45
Alexa Rank 32,328 32,637
Twitter Followers 3,948 4,537
RSS subscribers 912 980
FB fans 1,457 1,442
Pageviews 49,224 53,105
Unique 23,862 26,943
SEO traffic % 51.2% 47.3%


Blog stats for MMYW

Because MMYW started one year after RFI, I will compare the stats I can find. After almost 4 months of blogging in a cave, Q4 2012 was the time I really started to get out there. I guest posted everywhere that would have me and started making friends with other bloggers.

In November 2012, RFI jumped from PR0 to PR3, and so did MMYW in December, after a miracle, unexpected PageRank update.


Nov 30th Dec 31st RFI Dec 31st 2012
PageRank 0 3 3
MozRank 5.16 5.3 4-ish
Domain Authority 40 37 35-ish
Alexa Rank 55,473 59,159 500K
Twitter Followers 1,612 1710 500
RSS subscribers 257 293 75
FB fans 2,232 2,216 150
Pageviews 11,704 13,001 7,886
Unique 6,971 8,936 2,738
SEO traffic % 45.15 49.4% 32.2%


Sorry about the lack of information on RFI, some info is not available in retrospect. But so far, MMYW is doing way better.


Super secret website


Super secret website is almost 2 years old. Here are the starting stats when I bought it. I think I may have lost the feed subscribers in the server migration but I need to double check that… My analytics are only 3 days old so I’ll start reporting next month.


Nov 30th Dec 31st
PageRank 3 3
MozRank 5.25 5.26
Domain Authority 43 41
Alexa Rank 265,407 119.327
Twitter Followers 5,680 5697
FB fans 1,460 1451
Pageviews ? 8,875
Unique ? 3,216
SEO traffic % ?  37.9%


How did your blog grow in the past month? Happy with the results?


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  1. Awesome stats Pauline. For your ad referral network what stats should a blog have? Since I’m still learning its interesting to see what people are looking for.
    charles@gettingarichlife recently posted…Why Do You Choose Material Items Over Your Loved Ones?My Profile

    • I got my first deal as a PR0 and I think my DA was between 35 and 40. But they are pretty rare. It looks like PR3 is when you start getting popular, with a DA of at least 30, preferably over 40.

  2. Good luck for 2014! Keep up the momentum!
    moneystepper recently posted…Salary changes over time – by sector in the UKMy Profile

  3. Woohoo so glad you got your pagerank updated! It’s intense how much weight advertisers put on it. I have seen some care more about domain authority, though. My blog is still chugging along at a consistent revenue/expense/income so I’m happy with that. Here’s to growth in 2014, though!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…The Weekly Quick Hits RoundupMy Profile

  4. Great job, Pauline! Can’t wait to hear more about your super secret website =)
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…Going Out on a BudgetMy Profile

  5. It’s fun to see the progress difference between RFI and MMYW, and it’s also encouraging to see how far you’ve come in the last year! My stats are similar to your RFI ones from a year ago, but even with an 80k alexa ranking my PR only went to 2, which was a bummer. Still, 2 is better than 0!

    Thanks again for letting us see what makes a great blog tick!
    FI Pilgrim recently posted…How To Keep Your Goals Moving ForwardMy Profile

    • RFI got from 0 to 3 and it took another year to move from 3 to 4. Hope it doesn’t take you that long to move up!
      What is not described in the stats is the linking and I did a lot of guest posting on RFI before the PR update once I got out of my cave, I am sure that helped a lot.

  6. Very cool Pauline! Glad to hear that you’re starting to knock out some of the cost of your last site you purchased and making the goal for MMYW. December was my best month so far for income and traffic and January seems to be more of the same so I’m happy. :)
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted…US Airways Premier World Mastercard Review: Act Fast for 40,000 MilesMy Profile

  7. Hi Pauline and once again, congrats on your online earnings :)

    Also, congrats to the kids in your village who also benefit from your online success. It adds a more humane factor to the numbers and is surely a win-win all around. You’re doing wonderful work for those children and I hope you get to do much, much more for them in 2014!!

    Take care and once again, thanks for sharing.

    All the best.

    lyle @ The Joy of Simple recently posted…2014 – Time To “Git ‘er Done!”My Profile

  8. So great to see your success is also turning into success for some well deserved girls!
    Keep up the great work!
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted…Materialistic Envy is So Easy to CatchMy Profile

  9. Wow that is so great! You are doing good. I need to start ramping up affiliate income. That’s my goal for the next few months.
    Michelle recently posted…Extra Income Series: I’m a Creative Web EntrepreneurMy Profile

  10. Well done, Pauline; great numbers all around.
    maria@moneyprinciple recently posted…A New Year with New Goals: Our Money versus Our DesiresMy Profile

  11. Excellent. It’s always great to read about what is possible in the online world.
    Raquel@Practical Cents recently posted…Important Tips to avoid Frozen Pipes in your HomeMy Profile

  12. Great job, as usual. I can’t wait to see what the new website is. Calling anything super secret makes people even more curious.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted…2014 GoalsMy Profile

  13. Nice job Pauline! I can’t remember if you answered this or not, but why is it a super secret website?
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Ramblings and Link LoveMy Profile

  14. Well done mate you are just sweeping along with your blogs, awesome. I look forward to yo letting us know your new secret site … :) Keep up the great work. CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted…Is cord cutting part of your new budget plan?- PF Friday Grab a brew #54My Profile

  15. Great job Pauline, I think you will exceed your $50,000 goal by Sept 1, 2014. I am excited to hear about the super secret site, looking forward to its reveal.
    Jim recently posted…It Pays To Pimp PorkMy Profile

  16. Congrats, Pauline! It appears that your Super Secret Website will start making a profit next month, which makes it a really great deal! Not to mention the fact that your overall revenue was really good!

    December was a good month for me too, with better results than expected, but everything started to go down in January (in my case, January and mostly February are really slow months)
    C. the Romanian recently posted…Is Your Hair Stopping You from Saving Money?My Profile

  17. I am finally seeing a bit of growth in readership but still no ad revenue.

    I am technically challenged and I attempted to copy ad code to my site. The ad agency tells you to copy the code to your page. They do not tell you WHERE to put the code and I put it in a very bad place and it took the GreenGeeks 24 hours to sort out the mess and get me back in to my blog.
    jane savers @ solving the money puzzle recently posted…A 10 Year GIC, Lots of Licenses, A LOC Sale And Money Quickies For January 9, 2014My Profile

    • You can give them access for a day or two so the set it up, if you are unsure. The easiest way is to create a widget with text and paste it there, then you can move the widget on your sidebar.

  18. Looks like everything is coming along nicely. I re-read the post about the schooling for kids in your village and it made me tear up a little. I can’t think of anything more powerful and worthwhile then helping kids get a good education!

    As for my blog stats, I did get a bump during the google page rank update which was great. I really need to work using SEO when I’m writing posts. So far I’ve just been writing and not really paying attention to key words. I’m going to shoot you an e-mail about joining the ad network.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted…Box Wine: Frugal & Fun or Cheap & Chintzy?My Profile

  19. Awesome job! Sounds like you are killing it! :)

  20. Well done! Its a big inspiration for all of us.
    My Wealth Desire recently posted…How Bill Gates Reclaims World’s Wealthiest Man TitleMy Profile

  21. Some great improvements here – lets hope for even better in 2014. Looking forward to hearing more about the “super secret” site :-)
    Richard @ Frugality Magazine recently posted…How To Become Debt Free: Getting Motivated To Pay Off DebtMy Profile

  22. Congrats on your success!

    Yet another reminder that I really need to get proactive about regular writing, and starting to guest post…
    Jack @ Enwealthen recently posted…Zen of Retirement: 3 Simple Steps to Get StartedMy Profile

  23. You are making an incredible amount of combined income with this blog. I always get excited when I read stats like these from other bloggers because it gives us at Money and Potatoes something to shoot for. Excellent job!
    zimmy recently posted…Freelance Writer? Earn Some Extra Money With DevtomeMy Profile

  24. Wow! That’s fantastic. Nice work on the income front.

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