Your credit check – understood


  If you are about to apply for a loan or a mortgage, you probably have heard your potential lender talk about performing a credit history search, such as Experian credit check. But do you know what that really entails? A credit check details all your relationships with lenders, be it for a credit card, a […]

How to turn your home into a rental


Maybe you’ve been able to take advantage of low home prices and interest rates during the past few years. If you are a new(ish) homeowner or if you have owned your home for years, you may have considered from time to time moving out and turning your present home into a rental. My wife and […]

Side hustle ideas, part 2

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Last week, we shared some awesome side hustle ideas, and today I have got some more for you! If you want to share your unusual, weird, unheard of or well paying side hustle with my readers, please drop me a line at tdmpauline at gmail dot com, thank you!   Lawn mowing and rototilling In […]

July blog income and stats recap

July blog income and stats recap

  Welcome to the 13th blog income and stats recap of MMYW! That’s right, MMYW turned one in July! Don’t forget to enter our BIG $500 or iPad mini 64Gb giveaway! Check previous income and stats recaps: July income  $4,042 August income $2,530 September income $3,307 October income $3,570 November income $2,697 + 10% of […]

Side hustle ideas, part 1


Remember, just a few more days to enter the BIG $500 cash giveaway! A reader wrote to me asking for side hustle ideas, and I thought I would ask around for things that were cool, unusual, easy, well paying, any side gig that wouldn’t particularly come to mind to anyone. So here is the first […]