How Easy is it to Fix and Flip a House?


Fix and flipping television shows do a decent job of portraying the process of a flip, but television shows can’t possibly show the entire process and what it takes to flip a home. I have fix and flipped close to 100 homes in the last ten years and I am working on nine fix and […]

Side hustle ideas, part 9


It is time for another instalment of the awesome side hustle ideas series. Here is the link to part 2, part 3 part 4, part 5  part 6 part 7 and part 8 as well if you missed them. And today I have got some more for you! If you want to share your unusual, […]

Why Debt Needn’t Be Something To Lose Sleep Over


It’s unquestionably a vicious cycle. Debt problems cause stress, which leads to lack of sleep, which leads to more stress, ad infinitum. From a health perspective, both physically and mentally, sleep is one of the most important aspects of a well-rounded lifestyle. Something as simple as lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety, weight-gain, and […]

7 Tips On How to Keep Productive and Focused As a Freelancer

productive freelancer

Image via Flickr by Sean MacEntee While many cubicle dwellers are envious of the freedom that a freelancer lifestyle entails, little do they realise how difficult it is to stay motivated and organized when there is no big boss or regular routine to follow. Social media and household happenings can be a major distraction; plus, strict […]

Risk Management for Trend Followers

Risk Management

Good morning! Today Troy continues with the investing for beginners series. You can check the previous posts about What are stocks and how to value them, How does Currency Trading Work, How are Currencies Traded, Investing in Commodities, What Fundamentals Affect Commodity Prices, What are ETF’s, What are Options, How are Options’ Prices Structured, Investing for Beginners Part 2 – Different Investment Strategies, When does Buy and […]