When does Buy and Hold not Work

Buy and Hold

Good morning! Today Troy continues about the investing for beginners series. You can check the previous posts about What are stocks and how to value them, How does Currency Trading Work, How are Currencies Traded, Investing in Commodities, What Fundamentals Affect Commodity Prices, What are ETF’s, What are Options, How are Options’ Prices Structured, Investing for Beginners Part 2 – Different Investment Strategies Buy and hold […]

The Idiots Guide to Using Job Search Sites


Many people go on job search sites and seemingly have no idea what they are doing. While these sites are easy to use, people often neglect to use them to their full potential. Within this guide, we will discuss every little feature that you can use to find jobs – even when not actively searching. […]

How Can I Retire Early? When You Stop Taking No for An Answer

The following post comes from MyMoneyDesign.com, a personal finance blog that is all about making the most of your money and opportunities. It wasn’t all that long ago that I made a simple observation. I was a young man just starting out my career as an engineer.  I had a wife and my first child […]

4 Ways To Market Your Brand On A Minimal Budget


Unlike mega-brands, the average business does not have the marketing budget to channel into high-level marketing exercises such as glitzy product launches, full page ads in the daily or television commercials during Super Bowl. However, don’t let this fact dissuade you from thinking you can create a strong presence for your brands, using the marketing […]

7 Blogging Mistakes I Made During My First Try As A Blogger

7 Blogging Mistakes

Good morning this is a guest post from Mark Ross Canaoay, he has a blog called the Money Saving Dude that aims to help its readers save more of their hard-earned money. You can connect with him on the following social networking sites: Twitter and Google+ -Start of story- I’ve started my first blog last March of 2013, and I sold […]