Savings is an Issue for Many Americans

While many consumers may be trying to improve their financial situation, there are still some issues rampant throughout much of the country. Savings is an issue for many Americans, even if they are receiving structured settlement payments, annuity payments, or some other form of payment. Only one-quarter of consumers noted that they have a savings […]

The One Problem With Contrarian Investing


Good morning! Today Troy continues about the investing for beginners series. You can check the previous posts about What are stocks and how to value them, How does Currency Trading Work, How are Currencies Traded, Investing in Commodities, What Fundamentals Affect Commodity Prices, What are ETF’s, What are Options, How are Options’ Prices Structured, Investing for Beginners Part 2 – Different Investment Strategies, When does Buy and […]

When Debt Has Taken Over: Bankruptcy Could be the Solution

  Debt has a way of taking over your life (if you let it). One minute you’re doing fine and the next thing you know, the calls won’t stop coming, your wages are being garnished, and the interest keeps piling up. When debt has reached an excessive point, one can only wonder if it’s time […]

November blog income and stats recap

November blog income and stats recap

Welcome to the 17th blog income and stats recap of MMYW! November was spent mostly away from the online world. After my breakup a few months ago, I am in the process of building a new house since the one I live in currently is half owned with my ex, and that took all of […]

Money and death: breaking the taboo

If one thing is certain, we are all going to die. Probably not today, probably not tomorrow, but someday for sure. So why is it so difficult for us to envision that moment? Because it is unpleasant, and if we have already gone through it with parents, grandparents or close friends, this is something we […]