How to Get Money when your Credit is Horrible


  It seems to be a proven fact; you need money and can’t get it when you need it the most. This could be due to not having enough income or unexpected bills. Whatever the case, a loan could be the answer. However, how do you get this loan when your credit is horrible? Let’s […]

Ready to Cut Cable: Budget Friendly Alternatives to Cable Subscription Services


Have you ever noticed that your cable bill seems to increase each year? You start off signing up for a great bundle (cable, phone, & internet) offer and within six months to a year, you’re paying double or even triple the amount! Having a bill of $150+ per month can really bare a lot of […]

5 Reasons to Move to Dominica


It is referred to as the ‘nature island’ of the Caribbean due to its impressive natural formations and abundant characteristic beauty. That’s pretty impressive: to be considered particularly beautiful for the Caribbean, which is on the whole considered rather breathtaking to begin with. It has an ecotourism industry on the rise and as a whole […]

Investing In Your Retirement: The Basics


As an adult it’s never too early to be thinking about saving for retirement – as long as you have an income that allows you to. The ways in which you can squirrel away money to ensure your later years are comfortable are incredibly varied – from the new financial year fixed rate ISAs to […]

Is Google translate reliable for business use?


When there are so many free translation technologies available, the most notable and famous being Google Translate, it can be hard to imagine stretching to pay for such a service. The joy of Google Translate and other free programs is that they allow us to think about a more global market, offering us the chance […]