Home improvement loans: The impossible dream made possible

Home improvement loans

Winter is very much on its way, and as the mercury goes into freefall and the clouds go a darker shade of grey, we’ll inevitably be consigned to more time in our homes over the coming months. That need not be a bad thing, but what it surely will do is cast more scrutiny on […]

Scrapping Metal

Scrapping Metal

The following is a guest post from Cody. Cody runs a blog over at codygrimes.com where he helps people hustle to afford a life of travel and living on the road. He has been homeless before, and is about to pack up his things and run away on the road. He is documenting his full […]

If You Don’t Sell Your Junk Car Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later


So you’ve got a beater sitting in the driveway. Just sitting. It’s not going anywhere on its own. You could simply let it be and try to ignore it. Or maybe you have an old car that once again needs more work to keep it on the road. Do you keep pumping money into it? […]

Three sure-fire ways to avoid debt

avoid debt

  In times such as these keeping track of your finances can be difficult. With several monetary crisis happening seemingly around the clock, more and more of us are unfortunately getting used to living on the edge of debt when it comes to our finances. In this article I’ll outline 5 simple steps you can […]